Honeybush – Intermedia (Mountain Tea)

Mountain Honeybush (locally known as ‘berg tee’) is most often found on the high south facing slopes of both the Tsitsikamma and Kouga mountains. It can only be harvested every 3 years to ensure sustainability and is very difficult to cultivate. It is also under pressure from drought, fire and over-harvesting. The tea has a full-bodied taste, beautiful complexity and a sweet honey-like smell and aftertaste.

Honeybush – Subtenata (Marsh Tea)

Although some Marsh Honeybush (also known as ‘Vlei tee’) grows naturally in the Langkloof, this type of Honeybush is also suitable for cultivation in the Langkloof area, taking pressure off of wild stocks. After an initial establishment phase of about two years, it can be harvested every year. The tea has a woody smell, is mildly sweet and smooth and has a rich aftertaste. This tea works best when blended with other ingredients such as ginger.

Langkloof Honeybush Company

The Langkloof Honeybush Company was established in 2018. The company only purchases and sells wild tea which is harvested according to a Sustainable Harvesting Plan, developed by our partner Living Lands. In addition, it is busy developing guidelines for the regenerative cultivation of honeybush. The companies’ objective is to create premium markets for these teas, which will be 100% traceable.
We are still busy developing the governance structure of the company and are currently in a trialing phase. The landowners, cultivators and harvesters receive immediate payment upon delivery of their honeybush (a market-related price) and have the potential upside of a kickback if the tea is sold at a high price. The idea is that through the Langkloof Honeybush Association, the producers collectively have the decision-making power within the company. Grounded supports the company by fulfilling the role of a Managing Director and through assisting with marketing of the teas on behalf of the Langkloof Honeybush Company.

Production method

Honeybush is fermented to make a herbal tea that is also delicious when brewed as an iced tea.


The Langkloof Honeybush Company is still in a piloting phase and therefore does not yet have organic certification. The objective is to work towards 100% organically certified honeybush.

To Purchase

If you are looking for a sample of the tea, and volumes and pricing information, please contact us directly: marketing@grounded.co.za