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Lavandin abrialis

Lavandin abrialis (Lavandula abrialis) is an aromatic evergreen shrub that is much larger than true Lavender. The flower heads are more compressed with a gray blue colour. The oil is used almost exclusively for its scent. It smells fresh, sweet and floral, and is a little more herbaceous than lavender. Most of the oil is in the flowers, which are harvested and then steam-distilled. The harvesting season is in December-January (summer).


Rosemary has a deep green colour, and is a very strong shrub. The oil contains a number of phytochemicals, and is used mostly for its aromatic scent in skin and hair products. It is said to improve concentration. The scent is strong, camphorous and herbaeceous.

The oil is in the leaves as well as the flowers, and we can harvest rosemary three times a year in the Baviaanskloof. It is steam distilled after harvesting. The producers started off growing Rosemary camphor, which is very similar to Tuscan Blue. We are now growing Rosemary Verbenone to as well. Rosemary grows well in the Baviaanskloof and is easy to propagate within the nurseries that the producers have built.

Other Oils

The Baviaanskloof Devco has trial plots of Cape Chamomile (Eriocephalus punctulatus), Cape Gold (Helichrysym splendidum), Thyme and Blue Yarrow. These look good so far and we have samples and specifications available upon request. The Baviaanskloof is home to thousands of indigenous plants species, some of which don’t occur anywhere else on earth. There is tremendous potential to explore these plants for sustainable usage. Please contact us if you would like to talk about a potential collaboration.  

Baviaanskloof Devco

The Baviaanskloof Development Company was established in 2015. It is owned by a Farmer’s Trust (holding the majority of the shares), Commonland (the primary investor) and Grounded (which assists with the management of the company). The farmers receive immediate payment upon delivery of their flower oils (62% of the final market price) and have the potential upside of dividends if the company is successful. As a Trust, they collectively also hold the majority decision-making power in the company. Grounded supports the company by fulfilling the role of a Managing Director. Grounded is also responsible for the marketing of the oils on behalf of the Baviaanskloof Devco.


We are currently in the process of obtaining organic certification for these oils. Hopefully more news on that will follow soon.

To Purchase

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