Grounded was founded in 2014 by Thekla Teunis under the name “Four Returns”. Thekla’s inspiration for this new endeavor originated during an eye-opening cycling trip through China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. She was struck by the declining state of the agricultural lands she was riding through. After weeks of seeing this degradation she decided that she wanted to work with farmers to make their land healthier and more productive. In 2015 Thekla met Gijs Boers in Zambia. Gijs had been travelling around the world working with farmers for three years and the duo teamed up to see if they could start something new and exciting and so Grounded was born.


Grounded believes working together is much better than constantly trying to re-invent the wheel. We focus on building strong relationships with all our partners, including our investors. We are determined to support local stakeholders by developing their vision for their landscapes, to fully commit to that vision and develop new businesses that support that vision.

The complexity of the work we do requires us adapt to different landscapes, situations and changing priorities.

We work honestly. We strive towards building trust-based relationships based on mutual respect.

We work in difficult environments. Without the courage to try, we will never move towards positive action.

We know that we are reliant on others to undertake our work. And we admit that we make mistakes sometimes.

We are open to new ideas and are not rigid in our approach. We share what we learn so others can benefit from it.

We seek balance and a fair share for all parties involved in our businesses.

We believe it is important to take accountability for our actions and to be considerate about the effects they have down the line.


Restoring landscapes by giving power to farmers and consumers to invest in their soil, the health of their landscapes and in each other.


To bring quality agricultural products to market that have been harvested from healthy landscapes by the thriving farmers that we partner with and to enable consumers to invest in this process.